How We Help

How We Help
The IMDO is here to help at every stage of your journey establishing a business in Ireland.

Our help is tailored to your needs through a number of free services such as: providing access and introductions to the right people, help selecting the best location, access to tax and legal advice, market research, finding staff and accessing government supports.

Global Reach

The Irish government has international offices through development agencies, embassies and consulates all over the world all of whom work closely to help promote trade, tourism and inward investment.


To really get a sense of Ireland, you should come and visit.

We would be delighted to set up a visit programme for you to really get a sense of the opportunities here and meet key people. During a visit programme you might like to meet with other companies who have set up in Ireland, visit property locations, meet with stakeholders in your sub-sector, and get advice from local service providers or whatever it may be. We’ll completely tailor an itinerary to meet your needs and make the most of the time you have available.

If you haven’t met us yet, that’s the next step – please get in touch and we can discuss what you might need and what help we can provide.

Ireland Access Map

Grants & Funding

Ireland offers a range of grants and funding which are administered by different government departments.

We are here to help you navigate different funding initiatives. One of the funding streams administered directly by us is the Seafarer Grant which is paid to companies providing training for cadets studying in Ireland.  Funding and grants are available to selected business and activities such as Research, Development and Innovation.


The IMDO organises industry events throughout the year in Ireland.

If you would like any further information on any of these events please contact us. The IMDO also attends and is available to provide speakers for international conferences, please contact us directly if you would like a speaker on any aspect of the Irish market.

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