International Fast and Secure Trade Lanes Project


IFSTL is a trade facilitation initiative to improve maritime connectivity between Ireland, France and UK. This project has explored the benefits of digitalisation in ports, improving connectivity between sample ports in Ireland and France, with a view to further expansion.

The IFSTL project is a significant development in improving connectivity and digitalisation in Ports between Ireland, France and the UK. The project will enhance trade facilitation and provide opportunities for economic growth and developments within the regions.

Project Outcomes

• A set of improved of improved IFSTL logistic processes; The development of a set of improved logistic processes that will be used on the MoS route Dublin – Cherbourg. These processes will be designed to be usable elsewhere, enabling other Ports and Stakeholders to benefit from the projects innovations.

• A set of existing and validated IFSTL software modules; The development of a set of software modules that will be used on MoS Route Dublin – Cherbourg and elsewhere. These modules will be tested and validated ensuring they are reliable and effective.

• Preparation of IFSTL documents; To prepare technical and functional specifications, tender documents and Cost Benefit Analysis documents to enable works. These documents will be essential for the successful implementation of the project and will ensure that all stakeholders are aligned with the project goals.

• The IFSTL Masterplan; The development of the IFSTL Masterplan to include policy recommendations for exploitation on other MoS routes. The masterplan will outline the strategic direction of the project and provide a roadmap for the projects expansion to other ports and routes.

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