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7 Mar 2022

Atlantic Strategy

In 2021, the IMDO were nominated as Pillar Coordinators for Pillar 1 of the Atlantic Strategy “Ports as Gateways and Hubs for the Blue Economy”. 

To begin, the IMDO conducted a series of consultations with potential stakeholders to gain a greater understanding of the key areas of interest, which formed the foundations of the Pillar 1 roadmap. From this, four keys areas of interest were identified. These issues were further explored in a series of engaging workshops. This culminated in a joint workshop organized by the IMDO and AspBAN, which took place as part of the 8th Atlantic Stakeholder Conference, in Dublin on the 21st of October.


2021 Workshops

Workshop 1 on 12th May: The Current Status and Future Direction of Digitalisation in Ports of the Atlantic Sea Basin

Workshop 2 on 8th July: Ports as Hubs for Business: Using Ports to Catalyse a Green Recovery

Workshop 3 on 16th September: Connectivity: Staying Connected for Trade, Tourism and Economic Growth

Workshop 4 on 21st October: Perspectives on Green Ports of the Future


The IMDO have been asked to extend their time as Pillar coordinators until June 2022. In this time, Pillar 1 will be exploring the socio-economic perspective, examining issues such as best practices from the Atlantic and beyond allowing for socio-economic impact to be optimized, port preparedness and how business models can best build in social resilience and uptake of the blue transition.