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18 Sep 2018

Director eNavigation and Maritime Services, Commissioner of Irish Lights

The Commissioner of Irish Lights are hiring a Director of eNavigation and Maritime Services

The Commissioners of Irish Lights (Irish Lights) is the General Lighthouse Authority for Ireland, dedicated to Safe Navigation at Sea, delivering essential 24/7 safety and navigation services around the island of Ireland, 365 days a year. Its vision is to protect lives, property, trade and the environment by delivering next generation maritime services at the interface of navigation technology, engineering and data management.

Irish Lights also provides a range of navigation and contract commercial services including ship charter, buoy and maritime data. Value added services to support the development of the broader maritime economy include Met and Coastal Data and Information and the delivery of tourism services through its brand ‘Great Lighthouses of Ireland’.

We are delighted to announce that the Commissioners of Irish Lights is looking to appoint a Director for eNavigation and Maritime Services to join their experienced leadership team.

Reporting to the Chief Executive, the Director of eNavigation and Maritime Services will lead on policy, regulatory and technology assessment relevant to the maritime safety domain, engagement with national and international stakeholders and translating associated opportunities and requirements into the design, development and delivery of new AToN systems and information services. Where appropriate, Irish Lights seeks to deliver services on a commercial basis and the new Director will play a key part in this. An important element of the role will be the provision of policy and strategic advice on maritime safety to the Chief Executive.

As a member of the Leadership Team, the Director will lead, inspire and deliver on new and existing initiatives with internal and external stakeholders to ensure that Irish Lights achieves the mission, vision and targeted outcomes set out in the Irish Lights strategy Safe Seas – Connected Coasts 2018-2023.

To be a suitable candidate for the position you should possess the following:

• An understanding of maritime safety requirements and a solid background within the navigation technology sector with previous experience within a leadership role at national or international level.

• Track record designing, developing and delivering new strategies, technologies and services.

• Demonstrated ability to innovate and deliver business process improvements

• Experience with the assessment and implementation of system level integrated technology solutions

• Proven ability to manage the delivery of a portfolio of technical projects, leading technical teams working within a multi-disciplinary and cross-functional environment

• Excellent leadership, communication and negotiation skills


In addition to the above a preference will be given to those who have;

• Knowledge of national and international maritime safety policy and regulation

• Understanding of e-Navigation

• Appreciation of public sector governance requirements

• Experience of operating in an international environment

• Understanding of and interest in the development of the broader maritime economy


All enquiries and interest regarding this position must be directed to our exclusive recruitment partner, Halcyon Recruitment. Please contact Danni Devine (danni [at] halcyonrecruitment [dot] com). All applications will be treated in the strictest of confidence. Applications to be received by Sunday 14th October 2018.