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29 Apr 2021


 The Grimaldi Group is significantly strengthening its presence in the Republic of Ireland with the launch of a feeder ro-ro service between Antwerp and Cork, as from the beginning of May.



The Group is significantly strengthening its presence in the Republic of Ireland with the launch of a feeder ro-ro service between Antwerp and Cork, as from the beginning of May.

The service will have a twice-weekly frequency and aims to strengthen Ireland’s existing connection to the extensive Grimaldi network consisting of over 140 ports worldwide, while improving the transit time and transport service efficiency for rolling freight with destination Antwerp, Grimaldi’s main hub in the North of Europe.

The Grimaldi Group has been operating in the Republic of Ireland for nearly 25 years. Thanks to the successful partnership with Port of Cork Company, it currently runs a regular ro-ro and container service directly linking Cork to Northern Europe and the Mediterranean and, through transhipment in Antwerp, to destinations in North and South America, West Africa and Russia.

 Moreover, through its subsidiary Euromed Ireland Logistics Ltd (EMIL), the Grimaldi Group runs its fully equipped ro-ro/multipurpose terminal at Ringaskiddy (Cork) as well as a modern fleet of modern car-transporters, in order to offer high-quality logistics services to the local automotive industry.

The vessel deployed on the Antwerp-Cork service will be the Italian-flagged ro-ro unit Eurocargo Bari, which has a length of 200 metres, a beam of 26.5 metres, a gross tonnage of 32,632 tonnes and a service speed of 23 knots. She can transport 3,850 linear metres of rolling freight as well as 200 cars, thanks to her hoistable decks.

The Eurocargo Bari is a modern environmentally sustainable ro-ro vessel which will considerably improve the carbon footprint of transport between Ireland and the Continent. Moreover, being Antwerp located much closer to Europe’s main production sites and consuming markets compared to other neighbouring ports, the service will bring additional environmental benefits as trucks and trailers will need to cover shorter distances by road.

 “This is certainly a pivotal moment for Irish importers and exporters as they are forced to realign their supply chains to a more Euro-centric model”, stated Grimaldi Group Managing Director Emanuele Grimaldi. “We have, therefore, decided to further strengthen our commitment to the Irish economy and respond to the needs of our customers by expanding our business in the country and upgrading our transport services. This maritime connection between our Antwerp hub and the port of Cork will represent a highly competitive and more environmentally friendly alternative to the UK Land Bridge”.

The Group plans to add capacity and improve the new Antwerp-Cork service frequency in the near future.

 For more information: Grimaldi Group – External Relations: Paul Kyprianou Ph: 081/496246; Mob: 3204076539; Email: kyprianou [dot] paul [at] grimaldi [dot] napoli [dot] it _____________________________________________________________________________

The Grimaldi Group, headquartered in Naples, operates a fleet of over 130 vessels and employs approximately 16,000 people. Wholly owned by the Grimaldi family, it is a multinational logistics Group specialised in the operation of roll-on/roll[1]off vessels, car carriers and ferries. It comprises six shipping companies, namely: Grimaldi Deep Sea, operating in the transport of rolling cargo and container on the Atlantic routes and between the Mediterranean and West Africa; Grimaldi Euromed, specialized in the transport of rolling freight in Europe, in the Motorways of the Sea and in the transport of passengers in the Mediterranean with the Grimaldi Lines brand; Atlantic Container Line, which offers transport services for containers and rolling cargo between North America and North Europe; Malta Motorways of the Sea, shipowning company; Minoan Lines, operating in Greek cabotage for the transport of freight and passengers; Finnlines, operating in freight and passengers transport in the North and Baltic Sea. The maritime connections are the core of an advanced logistics chain, which includes port terminals and road transport companies. The 22 port terminals owned/operated by the Grimaldi Group are located in 12 countries around the world: Italy (Salerno, Monfalcone, Civitavecchia, Catania, Gioia Tauro, Savona Palermo & Livorno), Spain (Barcelona, Valencia and Sagunto), Germany (Hamburg), Sweden (Wallhamn), Finland (Turku & Helsinki), Denmark (Esbjerg), Ireland (Cork), Belgium (Antwerp), Egypt (Alexandria), Cameroon (Douala), Nigeria (Lagos), Benin (Cotonou). Most of these terminals are fitted with Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) facilities, warehouses and workshops.