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8 Jul 2021

Help to identify priorities in R&I in the logistics sector and form recommendations for Horizon Europe

Within the BOOSTLOG project we are identifying high relevance topics for freight transport and logistics for the European Commission. The identified topics will be fully considered by ALICE in order to provide recommendations to the EU Research & Innovation Programmes 2023-2024 within Horizon Europe.

An online survey has been prepared to ask for expertise on promising logistics concepts and their relation to external influencing factors, key enabling technologies, economic & market drivers and societal trends. We need to identify the most important relations between concepts and external factors in the logistics sector. 


ALICE are building on existing roadmaps and similar surveys, like the  recently  TG3, but this time they are more focused on going ahead with the definition on specific recommendations including expected outcome, scope and impact on global challenges.


Please, take some time and go over the survey. You will help BOOSTLOG and ALICE with your qualified feedback:

Survey details are available here

All information on the BOOSTLOG project is available here