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7 Aug 2018

IMDO General Activities

The IMDO is undertaking a number of important studies in 2018

The IMDO is undertaking a number of important studies in 2018, these include:

 “The Implications of Brexit on the Use of the UK Landbridge” 

Concerns have been raised about the likely impacts of Brexit on landbridge traffic and the flexibility that exists within the maritime industry to deal with significant modal shifts. The IMDO has undertaken research to address these concerns.

 “Port Capacity Study”  

A consultancy team lead by Arup and EY Dkm have been appointed to assess the capacity of Ireland’s ports network.

 “IPORES 2017 – an update on Irish Ports Offshore Renewable Energy Services”   

The study examines the current capacities, infrastructure, facilities and services that ports must offer the developing offshore renewable energy sector, to include wind, wave and tidal energy resources.

 The IMDO also recently launched the 15th volume of the “Irish Maritime Transport Economist” that provides valuable time series tracking the development and performance of Irelands ports and shipping services.