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4 Apr 2022

International Fast and Secure Trade Lane Project

Within the overall Motorways of the Sea framework, the ports and maritime links across the Atlantic Arc, in particular in Ireland and the North West of France, have an increasingly important role in keeping Ireland connected to the single market.  It is essential to support the overall connectivity between Ireland and continental Europe, providing ports, shipping lines and logistic chain actors with a set of effective tools to overcome inefficiency, drive competitiveness and reduce costs.

In this framework, our overarching aim is the implementation of the INTERNATIONAL FAST AND SECURE TRADE LANE (IFSTL) approach, a trade facilitation initiative in the form of a set of harmonised and interoperable tools (business process modelling, software solutions, operational guidelines and governance models) on Motorways of the Sea routes connecting Ireland with France, the UK and other European countries.


The IFSTL project has five distinct phases that involve:

1. The articulation of the AS IS scenario

2. The articulation of a desired future scenario

3. The identification of digital solutions

4. The validation of the digital solutions

5. Implementation

Under the guidance of our chosen  consultants, Circle SpA, phases 1 and 2 have been completed and the project in now moving into the third phase, in which digital solutions will be tested and validated by our project partners, Dublin Port and the Port of Cherbourg.