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6 Feb 2019

MarTERA Call 2019

The Second Transnational Call for research proposals under the ERA-NET MarTERA (Maritime and Marine Technologies for a new Era) is now open.

Proposals may be submitted under five priority areas as follows:

 Priority Area 1: Environmental friendly maritime technologies

Priority Area 2: Novel materials developemnt and structures

Priority Area 3: Sensors, automation, monitoring and observations

Priority Area 4: Advanced manufacturing/production

Priority Area 5: Safety and security

The funding available for Irish partners is 300,000 Euro (two partners 150,000 Euro each), which is being funded by the Marine Institute. A summary of the National Funding Guidelines are published on the MarTERA website. If you have queries please email funding [at] marine [dot] ie or the nominated national contact point listed in the call documents.

 Closing Date for Pre-Propoals -  29 March 2019 at 17:00 Central European Time (16:00 Irish Time).

 On the 13 February 2019 the MarTERA brokerage event will take place in Oslo, Norway.