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12 Apr 2019

Planning Permission Granted For €35m Floating Data Centre

The IMDO welcomes the news that planning permission has been granted for the revolutionary €35m floating data centre set to be moored on the banks of the River Shannon, in a move which could create up to 124 jobs.

The IMDO supports this development, which delivers on some of the ambitions set out in the Government’s strategy for the marine industry (Harnessing Our Ocean Wealth). The project is consistent with National Ports Policy and contributes to the regional development ambitions contained in the National Planning Framework. The Shannon Foynes Port Company has teamed up with Californian firm Nautilus which plans to moor a floating vessel providing commercial data storage at Ted Russell Dock, just outside Limerick city centre.

A new concept, Nautilus Data Technology employs water cooling technology in its data centres, meaning they operate more efficiently and less expensively than traditional land-based facilities. The data centre, it is anticipated, will be able to service a number of companies, or a single firm, with Nautilus president and chief executive Jim Connaughton saying: “We will be able to serve a small company, to one of the larger social media operations — and everything in between.”

According to the proposals, the dock off James Casey Walk will be enhanced while also adding to the sustainability of Ted Russell Dock. The former ESB substation will be demolished, and replaced with a new industrial building comprising storage and support services. The existing clock tower, a protected structure, will be retained.