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27 Oct 2022

Port Director's Training

The IMDO and the Department of Transport recently hosted a Port Director's Training.

This one-day training program took place on 18th October in The Alex Hotel in Dublin. It was aimed at promoting the highest standards of corporate governance. The program differed from mainstream training for Directors as it maintained a port-centric focus and an emphasis on best practice in Corporate Governance standards.

In summary, the training aimed to:

  • Familiarise directors with the particular circumstances and conditions prevailing within the ports industry in Ireland and the objectives and responsibilities set for port companies under the National Ports Policy. 
  • Inform directors regarding their responsibilities and duties as company directors and the particular responsibilities that are associated with state boards. 
  • Describe the different sides of governance, using case examples.
  • Facilitate an interactive approach that will stimulate discussion around the particular issues facing the directors of port companies. 
  • Identify the contribution that ports make to the Irish economy and the need for strong and open competition within the sector.