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28 Aug 2019

RoRo Freight Services to the UK and Continental Europe

In preparation of the UK’s departure from the EU on October 31st, the Irish Maritime Development Office has compiled a detailed list of routes that operate on the three shipping corridors from Ireland. Both Central and Southern relate to services from Ireland to Great Britain, while the Continental corridor involves direct services to the European continent.

The Central corridor relates to services from Dublin to Holyhead, Heysham and Liverpool. The Southern corridor relates to services from Rosslare-Europort to Fishguard and Pembroke. While the Continental corridor includes routes from Cork to Roscoff and Santander, Dublin to Cherbourg and Rotterdam, and Rosslare-Europort to Cherbourg.

The information further breaks down the individual route, the shipping operator which provides the services on that route. It also includes the journey length in hours, the number of weekly sailings and the name of vessel operating the route. Finally, the vessel’s total lane meters are provided, in addition to the average freight capacity of the vessel, based on an average road haulage vehicle length of 15 meters.

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