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7 Feb 2020

Templar Executives – Ireland Arm of Operations

Templar Executives, an award-winning International Cyber Security advisory services and solutions company, are setting up an Irish operation – ‘Templar Executive EMEA’. 

Templar are an integral component in a number large-scale initiatives such as the ‘International Maritime Cyber Centre of Excellence’ which promotes cyber resilience and supports the future of the Maritime sector.

 As huge changes in the Maritime industry continue, digitization and automation innovations are being embraced in the pursuit of increased operational efficiencies and productivity. Inevitably, this movement has led to increased risk of exposure to Cyber threats initiated by modern-day Pirates, highlighting the importance of the Maritime industry adapting to this risk.

 Templar Executives has established an educational body, ‘Templar Cyber Academy for Maritime’ which provides GCHQ certified board level briefings to private and public sector organisations across a number of industries, including Maritime.

Templar Executives EMEA will be a significant addition to Irelands’ ever-growing Maritime cluster, providing crucial Cyber security expertise and innovations to protect and further develop our position as a key location from which to conduct global Maritime business.

 More info about Templar Executive available here -