National Industry Publications

National Industry Publications
Irish maritime policy has focused on clear development initiatives over the past few years. Government Departments, state agencies and industry stakeholders have worked together to deliver an integrated plan for the marine and maritime sector. An outline of the specific strategies and associated publications are available below. 
National Port Sector Reports

Competition in the Irish Ports Sector 2013, Irish Competition Authority

Code of Practice for Health and Safety in Dock Work 2015, Irish Health & Safety Authority

National Sector Reports 

Ireland's Ocean Economy Report 2015

Our Ocean Wealth Development Task Force 2015

Our Ocean Wealth Enablers Task Force Report on Marine Spatial Planning 2015

A Study of the Current and Future Skills Requirements of the Marine/Maritime Economy 2015

Harnessing Our Ocean Wealth - Review of Progress 2014

Harnessing Our Ocean Wealth - Review of Progress 2012/13

Harnessing Our Ocean Wealth 2012

Ireland's Ocean Economy Report, 2010