The Irish Maritime Development Office produces a wide range of publications including corporate reports, policy documents and industry statistics.
Irish Maritime Transport Economist
Irish Maritime Transport Economist The Irish Maritime Development Office's annual statistical bulletin, the Irish Maritime Transport Economist is a comprehensive reference guide to national maritime transport statistics. It includes trade, traffic, international shipping markets and economic data.
IMDO Publications
IMDO Publications The Irish Maritime Development Office publishes a range of reports on the Irish maritime sector on an ad hoc basis. Reports to date include information on opportunities for shipping companies locating in Ireland, ship finance opportunities in Ireland, national port policy and sector development
National Industry Publications
National Industry Publications Irish maritime policy has focused on clear development initiatives over the past few years. Government Departments, state agencies and industry stakeholders have worked together to deliver an integrated plan for the marine and maritime sector. An outline of the specific strategies and associated publications are available in this section.
International Maritime Publications
International Maritime Publications The maritime, port and shipping sector operates on an international scale. As such the sector operates effectively as industry standards, regulations and legislation are agreed, adopted and implemented on an international basis.