Recruitment and Education

The maritime industry is a fast paced, dynamic and exciting sector to pursue and develop a a life long, rewarding career. There are two interlinked career options that an individual can follow, the mercantile route as an officer aboard a ship or shore based which involves working in the offices of shipping, freight, logistics or port companies.
Seafaring & Training.

Being interested in a life at sea means that you are a person that wants to combine the opportunity to travel the world and to work with a diverse range of people and situations. Ireland has a state-of-the-art dedicated maritime college to train mercantile professionals.

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Third Level Education

Going to sea is not a pre-requisite in order to pursue a career in the maritime industry. Shore based maritime roles offer the opportunity to develop a career in a hugely diverse range of careers. Options include careers such as shipbroking, trading, law or operations, all built around the ancillary services which support the global movement of commodities and cargoes by ship. There are a number of maritime business related and supply chain management courses now available in many of the third level education institutions

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