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Follow the Fleet
Shadow brings the world of maritime adventure into the classroom. Specifically build around the SESE curriculum for primary schools, the education site is aimed at school children between the ages of seven and twelve years of age.

Follow the Fleet centers around ships, the sea and Ireland's historic relationship with the sea.  The sea is a very important and valuable part of our natural environment. It has featured in the evolution of our society, and a huge influence on our history. Ireland has been invaded from the sea and many Irish seafarers have contributed to geographical exploration throughout the ages.  Whole communities have relied on the sea for their livelihoods and nowadays we are even more aware of the complex environment that is the sea.

The programme uses a unique satellite tracker system, six easy to follow lesson plans and downloadable teaching plans. The reports provide school children with a real insight into the day-to-day life at sea and the programme aim is to bring the world of maritime adventure into the classroom. All elements of the Follow the Fleet programme are available online.

Access the education programme through this website address: