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The maritime industry is a fast paced, dynamic and exciting sector to pursue and develop a career in. There are two interlinked career options that an individual can follow, the mercantile route which leads to a life at sea or shore based where one can establish oneself as a professional involved in providing skills and expertise on the commercial and operational aspects of this global industry.  

Maritime Professions, Maritime Jobs, Maritime executives, shipping jobs, working in shipping EducationThe maritime industry is a fast paced, dynamic and exciting sector to pursue and develop a life long, rewarding career. Ireland has a state of the art National Maritime College offering a range of courses as well as a number of third level institutions across the country featuring maritime courses. Full details of all third level and post graduate courses in Ireland are included here.
Maritime Careers Maritime CareersWorking in the shipping industry is international, ever evolving and you will never have the same two consecutive days. There is a huge range of different professions involved in the carriage of cargoes around the world. This section details the different career options and includes insights from people currently doing those jobs.
Find a Maritime Job Find a Maritime JobThere are a wide range of employment opportunities in Ireland and internationally across the maritime sector, the Irish Maritime Development Office will publicise these opportunities as they arise.
Follow the Fleet Follow the FleetFollow the Fleet brings the world of maritime adventure to the classroom. Specifically built for the primary school as an online educational resource, the website is aimed at children between the ages of seven and twelve years old.